Ex-Military Jobs in London

Are you looking for ex-military jobs London? The capital city has a wealth of opportunities for veterans looking for a career change to a civilian job. Read on to find out more.

Although the majority of ex-military tend to live in the countryside or rural towns, there are still many veterans who decide to settle in the capital. Finding a job in London is a lot easier, allowing for a much smoother transition from a service role to a civilian role.

Living and Working in London

The capital is home to over 9.5 million people so living there will be a bit more hectic than a quiet, rural setting. London life, however, comes with all the perks of city living.

Transport options are plentiful so, even if you don’t live centrally, you can take a train, bus, shared bicycle or even your own to and from work each day.

London has many thriving industries, including construction, healthcare, engineering, media, and technology. There’s a constant need for skilled workers in the city so it’s an ideal place for a veteran looking for a fresh start.

The only real downside to living and working in London is the cost of living. Among the most expensive in Europe and the world, this can be a challenge if you’re considering moving to London to start from scratch.

Jobs for Ex-Military in London

Below are just some of the jobs that veterans may enjoy later in their life, after their role in the forces. Whatever your skills, training, ability level, and interests, you’re likely to find the ideal civilian role in London.

Examples of civilian jobs for ex-military in London include:

  • Personal trainer: Those who are still fighting fit from military service may become personal trainers.
  • Paramedics and first-aid employees: With many years of first-hand experience in stressful environments, paramedics and those working in health care and first-aid are always in demand.
  • Construction worker: Construction workers with experience in the military can use their skills and ability to work in a team on a civilian build site.
  • Transport worker: Driving skills and knowledge of logistics gained in the forces can be used in transport work.
  • Security guard or officer: Those with experience in security and defence can find work in the private security sector.
  • Engineer: Private engineering companies are always on the lookout for skilled and experienced engineers, including industrial, aerospace, software, structural, and more.
  • Administration: Ex-military personnel tend to excel in office environments, using their leadership and organisational skills to their advantage.

Transitioning to a civilian job can be daunting, but ex-military personnel have a wealth of highly valuable transferable skills that make them an asset for civilian employers.

Transferable Skills

These skills are the hidden gems you’ve acquired throughout your service that can be applied to various industries and roles.

Just a few of the transferable skills you can bring to the table in civilian employment include:

  • adaptability
  • time management
  • effective communication
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • discipline
  • problem-solving
  • working well under pressure

These are attributes that are highly sought after in the civilian job market. Yes, the context may differ, but the essence remains the same.

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Finding Ex-Military Jobs in London

Specialist job boards are a great way to find career opportunities as an ex-military employee. For instance, Refreshing a Career’s unique ex-military job board is packed with opportunities for former military personnel looking to start a new chapter in civilian employment in London.

We work with leading UK employers to match the best ex-military talent with the right career path.

You’ll find a range of job opportunities, including maritime security jobs for ex-military and post-military jobs for officers.

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