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As careers go, nursing has to be one of the most rewarding yet difficult professions out there. It’s a job that requires you to work long hours, be on your feet for your full shift, and to deal with difficult situations in the workplace while caring for others. It’s said that nursing is one of the most thankless careers. As such, those who choose to go down this career path are generally people who are driven more by the desire to help and care for others than the rewards that come with it.

Over recent years, even more has been expected of nurses and many have decided that this was simply too much. The strain of working on the front lines of a global pandemic led to many nurses leaving the profession in search of something else. In fact, more than 27,000 nurses left the NHS from July to September of 2021.

If you are a nurse looking for a career change, the good news is there are plenty of alternative careers for nurses in the UK. Many of which you already have the transferable skill set required without the need to retrain. This will make it easier to choose a new career.

Jobs for Former Nurses

There is a wide range of jobs for former nurses out there. During your degree and any previous work experience, you acquired a massive skill set that is rare to find and one that many employers look for in potential candidates. The key is learning how to emphasise transferable skills.

Here are just a few alternative jobs for nurses to give you some ideas:

1. Health Play Specialist

If you’d like to stay within the hospital setting but also make a change, why not try working as a Health Play Specialist? You’ll work with children and young people using therapeutic play techniques to help them understand their medical condition, treatment and its impact on their daily life. You’ll work in hospitals, hospices or clinics, using play as a means of preparing children and young people for operations and helping them with their worries and concerns.

As part of the job, you’ll work closely with family members, parents and carers offering advice on how utilising play can help their children better deal with what’s happening to them.

Salaries in the NHS range from £19,700 in band 3 up to £37,900 in band 6.

2. Health Visitor

A health visitor’s job is to work with children from the ages of 0 to 5 and their parents with the aim of giving them the best start in life. You’ll promote a healthy way of life and well being. Working closely with parents, your job will be to support them and provide them with guidance and advice. You will identify the health and developmental needs of the child, giving parents the knowledge and the tools to raise their child in the healthiest way possible.

Health visitors usually start at a salary of £32,300 (band 6) if they have less than two years of experience. This increases to £39,000 when they have over 5 years of experience. Specialists and Team Managers can earn up to £45,800 on band 7.

3. GP Reception Staff

If you’re aiming to get away from the hospital setting and would prefer a desk job, reception staff at a GP could be the role you’re looking for. You’ll still need your expert knowledge in nursing but will work in more of an administrative role. From your time in nursing, you have already developed strong skills in customer service, multitasking, time-management skills and dealing with patients’ queries. This will make you a great candidate for this position.

On-going training on aspects of the job such as IT systems will be necessary but will be provided by the practice.

Average salaries range from £20,500 to £26,500 depending on level of experience.

Finding Jobs for Former Nurses

Alternative careers for nurses are abundant and the wide skill set acquired during work experience means that, even without any further training, qualified nurses can easily change careers.

Our live job board has tons of jobs for ex nurses in your area, keep checking back regularly.  In the meantime, our website has a wealth of support and resources for those looking to change careers.

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