Jobs for Good Communicators

Communication is important. It’s the foundation of all human relationships. It allows us to express our feelings and ideas, while also understanding those of others. Therefore, good communication is essential when it comes to our work. So, are there specific jobs for good communicators?

In order for us to create a relationship with our clients or customers, we must have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. At the same time, we need to be receptive and responsive to their input. Good communicators also use non-verbal cues like body language to get their message across and to show that they’re listening to others.

Best Jobs for Good Communicators

Being a good communicator is something that can be taught, but it takes time and lots of practice. If you’ve already got good communication skills and are contemplating a career change, there are lots of jobs in which you can excel.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best jobs for good communicators


A good salesperson knows how to build a strong relationship with their clients. They use their excellent communication skills to build mutual trust which, in turn, leads to long-lasting relationships. When a client feels like they have a good relationship with a salesperson, they are much more likely to continue that relationship, in the form of purchasing services or products. Ultimately, this is great for the bottom line.

Teaching / Training

We all remember the good teachers we’ve had throughout our lives. And we are much more likely to remember what they taught us. Good teachers leave a lasting impression and make the learning process easier for the student. Strong communication skills are essential in teaching or training. As a teacher or trainer, you must be able to convey your point in such a way that your students can understand and assimilate it.

Customer Service

Good customer service involves listening to a customer’s needs and communicating to them how you plan to meet those needs. It may be as simple as showing a customer where they can find a certain item, dealing with a customer complaint, or recommending a product or service that best suits the customer’s needs. Good communication skills are key to a positive customer service experience, whether you’re working in face-to-face customer service or on the phone.


When managers and leaders are strong communicators, they are much better equipped to manage their teams. Conflict management, the delegation of tasks, motivation, and relationship building are all much easier when you are a strong communicator. Teams are much more likely to listen to and respect their manager when the feeling is reciprocated.

Finding Jobs for Good Communicators

There are plenty of jobs for people with good communication skills. In fact, it’s a skill you should lean on heavily in the interview process and when writing your CV. Refreshing a Career is packed with support and advice for career changers. Be sure to regularly check out our live jobs board for up-to-date opportunities in your area.

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