Hybrid Jobs

Are you thinking about making a career change? Nowadays, many employers offer hybrid jobs, giving employees more flexibility around their careers. Read on to find out more.


What is Hybrid Working?

A hybrid working model is one that blends office and home working options. It may work in different ways in different companies, including rota-based models, hot-desking, or simply providing employees with the option to choose where they work from.

Now that we have more technology and platforms to assist it, hybrid working has become a big part of how the world works with 24% of working adults currently in hybrid jobs.


Benefits of Hybrid Jobs

Here are some potential benefits of hybrid jobs for someone considering a career change:

  • Flexibility – Hybrid roles allow you to split your time between an office and remote work. This can provide more flexibility to transition into a new field while maintaining some familiarity and routine.
  • Lower risk – Leaving a career you’ve had for a while can feel risky. Hybrid roles allow you to still do some work in your current field while exploring and gaining skills in a new area. This can help lower the risk of a full career switch.
  • Work-life balance – Working partially remote opens up more options for achieving work-life balance, which is especially helpful when undergoing a career transition.
  • Expanded opportunities – Having both in-office and remote work capabilities expands your opportunities geographically. You can look for hybrid roles within or even outside your local job market.
  • Professional development – Hybrid jobs provide opportunities to develop skills in new areas while still utilising existing abilities from your current career. This can aid the career transition.


Advice for Succeeding in a New Hybrid Position

If you’re new to hybrid jobs, making this new work arrangement successful requires some extra planning and effort. Here are some tips to help you thrive in your new hybrid role:

Set boundaries

Set clear boundaries and expectations with your manager about your hybrid schedule. Discuss which days you’ll be in the office versus working remotely. It’s best to agree on core hours for meetings and collaboration. Feel free to ask questions about these policies during the interview process.

On-site time

Ensure you get quality face time and visibility when on-site. This includes:

  • attending important meetings in person.
  • having casual chats to build connections.
  • eating lunch with colleagues.
  • working on collaborative projects.

Utilise your time

Manage your hybrid schedule strategically around career development opportunities. Now that you have greater control over how you spend your time, block out time slots to attend training sessions, networking events or industry conferences.


Where to Find Hybrid Jobs

Refreshing a Career’s hybrid jobs board is constantly updated with the latest hybrid job opportunities near you.

If you’re not sure which career is right for you, check out our help and advice section for career changers who are looking to take advantage of the shift to hybrid working.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter below to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and hybrid opportunities from Refreshing a Career.

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