Jobs for Introverts UK

Interested in jobs for introverts UK? We’ll take a look at a variety of careers that are best suited to the more introverted among us.

It’s a common misconception that introverts are always shy and socially awkward. While it may be true that introverts tend to feel more at ease when alone, it does not mean they’re socially inept. And it definitely shouldn’t become an obstacle on their career path.

In fact, there are many jobs in which introverts often outperform extroverts. Contrary to popular belief, one Harvard Business Review study found that introverts actually make better CEOs than extroverts. They state that introverts are “more likely to surpass the expectations of their boards and investors”.

So, if you’re looking for work or planning to make a career change, here are some of the best jobs for introverts that you may not have considered.

Jobs For Introverted People

Below you’ll find some inspiration when searching for jobs for introverts UK. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to do some retraining before you can apply for these jobs. Nevertheless, there are many options when retraining these days, such as the Open University or part-time college or university.


There are numerous types of engineers, from chemical to software and many more in between. But the majority of engineering jobs require concentration and precision, with little time spent socialising. And as introverts tend to feel more comfortable working alone, a job as an engineer could be a perfect fit.

Of course, becoming an engineer involves many years of study. So, unless you’ve already got a degree in engineering, it would be necessary to retrain.


If you’re big into reading and enjoy language and grammar, perhaps a job as an editor would suit you. Most editors work alone, often remotely, reading and revising content to be published. You’ll need a keen eye for detail and be able to work to strict deadlines.

Editors typically need a bachelor’s degree and some industry experience when applying for jobs.


A freelancer is an extremely broad umbrella that can be applied to a variety of different career paths. Freelancers are self-employed, meaning that they are their own bosses and make money for themselves. There is a huge amount of flexibility and independence that comes with being a freelancer. At the same time, you’re in charge of finding sustainable work and building your own personal brand.

Freelancers can decide the types of jobs that suit them and that accommodate their own personality, often getting to work from home. Depending on the area of work you intend to focus on, you may need to retrain or simply refresh your skills.

For further information on freelancing, check out our dedicated guide on how to become self-employed in the UK.

Social Media Manager

Working as a social media manager is an excellent career choice for those of us who prefer to interact with people online. Using a wide variety of social media platforms, you’d use your creativity to share relevant content that builds higher levels of engagement among users. Strategy meetings with other team members are necessary to come up with social media campaigns. However, you’ll be left to your own devices once all tasks are set.

In order to work as a social media manager, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, communication, or marketing is usually required. Employers would also look for previous work experience.


Accountants can find work in almost any industry. It’s a stable and growing job position with a high demand for skilled workers. As an accountant, you’ll draw up and examine financial records, analysing any opportunities or risks for the company you’re working with. Many accountants are also self-employed, increasing job flexibility and allowing for greater independence.

Accountants must complete in-depth accountancy training and pass professional exams in order to become chartered accountants.

Finding Jobs for Introverts UK

Look no further than Refreshing a Career’s career change jobs board when searching for jobs for introverts UK. Our site is packed with help and advice for career changers and anyone looking for a fresh start in their careers. Whether you need interview tips or help working around existing commitments, we’re here to offer support and guidance.

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