Jobs For Ex-Teachers in Birmingham

If you are looking to progress your career or move away from teaching in the Birmingham area then there are a number of jobs for ex-teachers in Birmingham. You can even totally change your career by retraining or putting your degree to use in another field.

Career Changes For Teachers

There are many reasons that former teachers could be looking for jobs. Maybe you have left the field to pursue something you are passionate about, or perhaps you have retired and you are now looking for a part-time job later in life to keep you busy.

Popular career change jobs for teachers include:

  • Sales jobs. With your people skills and excellent communication abilities, a career in sales could be perfect for you.
  • Business jobs. As a teacher, you have likely developed strong organisational and leadership skills. These qualities can make you successful in the business world.
  • Other education roles. Teaching is all about sharing knowledge and helping others to learn. If you want to continue working in the education sector, there are many other jobs that you could do including tutoring, which may give you more flexibility.
  • Working with children. Many ex-teachers decide to work with children in some capacity, for instance, in the field of social work.

There are many jobs for ex-teachers in Birmingham and other parts of the UK, so there is no need to feel like you are limited only to teaching jobs. As a teacher, you will already have a degree, and this means that you could already be qualified to work in other fields. When changing your career, you will probably be looking to follow your passion.

Opportunities in Birmingham

Birmingham was traditionally known for the iron and steel industries, but there are so many opportunities in the modern age in England’s second-biggest city.

The jobs market in Birmingham is diverse and ever-changing, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for ex-teachers. The city is also home to many well-known businesses, with Specialist Computer Centres, Mondelez, Jaguar, Rolls Royce Controls and Data Services, and Sainsbury’s among the biggest employers.

Finding a Career Change Job in Birmingham

If you are a former teacher looking for a new role in Birmingham, you can start your search on our career change jobs board, where there are regular opportunities from employers in Birmingham who are open to employing those changing their career path.

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