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Since the global pandemic, we’ve witnessed a major shift in how and where we work. At the end of 2019, there were 1.54 million people in the UK working from home. That figure has now increased to nearly 24 million in 2022. As companies around the world were forced to move online, it became clear that many jobs could be done remotely. And with UK workers more reluctant to return to the office than any other European country, employers are feeling the pressure to provide remote work for their employees. This provides us with the flexibility to fit our jobs around our lives, instead of vice versa.

Benefits of Remote Working

There are many benefits to remote working and they mainly centre around giving you more autonomy and flexibility around your work. Remote jobs allow you to strike a better work/life balance which can be a major factor when it comes to your mental health. Other benefits of remote working may include:

  • Little to no commuting costs
  • Choose your dress code
  • Extra hours in your day for personal time
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Better productivity and performance

And with a 2021 study reporting that 97% of workers would recommend remote working to others, it’s no wonder remote jobs for career changers seem to be the way forward.

Online Jobs with No Experience

As many of us take advantage of this new era of remote work, we’re undoubtedly faced with issues such as a lack of experience working remotely. However, there are many online jobs with no experience necessary.

We’ll take a look at just some of the options below to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Survey Taker

A survey taker gets paid to submit online surveys. There is absolutely no experience required to do this job as your only responsibility is to answer surveys. Granted, you’ll need to submit quite a few surveys to make good money. That being said, for an online job that requires no experience, it’s worth it. You can expect to earn anywhere up to £13 per hour.

Online Freelance Writer

Online freelance writers have hugely flexible jobs. They’re given a deadline to hand in their work which can be done whenever and wherever suits them, provided they meet the delivery date. Online freelance writers need to research a topic, write an article, edit and proofread it, and possibly publish it. If you enjoy writing essays and have excellent written communication skills, then a job as an online freelance writer could be just the job for you. It could be useful to do some retraining to help you hone your writing skills. This, of course, can also be done online. Pay rates depend largely on the client you have, but average hourly rates according to Glassdoor are £18.

Customer Service Assistant

A Customer Service Assistant, (also known as a Customer Service Representative) provides a company’s customers with the service they require. Their job entails receiving inbound calls, responding to complaints, and selling a company’s products or services. Experience working with the public is a plus but it’s not necessary as remote on-the-job training will be provided by employers. Customer Service Assistants can expect to earn an average annual salary of £18,911, according to Glassdoor.

Private Tutor

Tutoring allows you to earn a good salary by teaching or coaching students in any skill or further knowledge that you possess. You may speak a second language or maybe you gained specific experience in a previous job. You are not required to get an official qualification from the Department of Education to become a tutor, however, a relevant degree is necessary.

Tutoring is a flexible career, one which usually allows you to choose your own hours. Of course, it can easily be done fully online. Personal tutors can expect to earn an average national salary of just under £33,000.

Finding a New Job Online With No Experience

Refreshing a Career’s specialist jobs board is constantly updated with remote jobs with no experience. If you’re not sure which career is right for you, check out our help and advice section for career changers who are looking to take advantage of the shift to remote working.

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