Summer Jobs for Teachers in the UK

For some teachers, the summer holidays are a time to relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries before the upcoming term. For others, it’s a time to refresh their skills by undergoing further training to increase their qualifications. However, for many teachers, the summer holidays are a time to find temporary work. This allows them to earn some extra money and stay busy over the summer break.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash during the holidays, the good news is that there are plenty of summer jobs for teachers UK. In fact, many employers specifically look for teachers as they have the transferable skills to fit right into multiple job roles. It’s also common to be asked to return year after year, so you always have the option to earn more if you need to.

Summer Jobs for Teachers

We’ll take a look at some of the best summer jobs for teachers so you can bulk up your bank account over the holidays.

Summer School Teacher

Summer School teaching is a great summer job for teachers. Depending on the school you work in, courses can last from one to two weeks up to 2 months. The content covered in class may be focused on the key aspects of the subject curriculum or on separate subject areas such as English language teaching for international students.

As a teacher, summer school allows you to hone and expand your teaching skills. This can be of great benefit for planning future lessons and understanding problem areas for students.


An exam invigilator (also known as an exam proctor or an exam supervisor) is a person who watches students taking exams to ensure that no cheating takes place. They aid in the day-to-day operation of examination venues. This includes setting up the venue, assisting candidates with seating, checking attendance, providing extra paper, and dealing with queries among other responsibilities.

Requirements for the job include experience working or studying in a higher education environment and an understanding of examination processes. This makes it an excellent option when looking for summer jobs for teachers.


Tutoring is a great choice if you’re searching for summer jobs for teachers. It gives enormous flexibility as you are in charge of the hours you work. It’s also a job that can be done in-person or online, so it has great remote working potential.

Many parents will sign their children up for summer tutoring if they’ve fallen behind in certain subjects during the school year. You can agree on class times, duration, and pricing with parents in advance.

Camp Monitor

Summer camps are hugely popular with thousands of kids and teenagers taking part in these camps across the UK every year. Camps run over one- or two-week periods, with a fresh group of campers arriving as the previous ones leave. Camps offer a host of different activities such as drama, sports, music, mountaineering, horse riding, and canoeing, to name but a few.

Camp monitors oversee the day-to-day logistics of the camp. They act as surrogate parents for their group. As such, their role includes supervising meal times, overseeing different activities, and ensuring everyone’s included. What’s more, they are responsible for overseeing their group’s wellbeing and safety while at the camp.

Working as a camp monitor is a great opportunity for teachers to stay active and get outdoors during the summer while also earning some extra money. Teachers are excellent communicators who have a wealth of experience working with children and teenagers, and supervising groups.

Finding Summer Jobs for Teachers in the UK

If you’re on the hunt for summer jobs for teachers, be sure to check out our live jobs board for the latest information on jobs in your area. Refreshing a Career is packed full of help and advice for anyone who wants to refresh their skills, retrain or even change careers.

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