What Are the Benefits of Employing Ex-Offenders?

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated November 5, 2021

Many ex-offenders struggle to find employment once they have been released from prison. This is a significant problem in the UK, where ex-offenders are more likely to re-offend than those who do not experience this difficulty. Employers often view ex-cons as “risky” hires and may be hesitant to hire them due to these perceptions. It’s time that we start looking at ex-prisoners with fresh eyes and see what benefits they can bring into our society by hiring them for jobs in various careers!

In the UK, there are over 220,000 ex-offenders that are looking for employment. That’s a huge number of potential employees who may be overlooked due to their previous convictions! By hiring ex-offenders you’re not only giving them the opportunity to lead an honest life and reintegrate into society as a contributing member – but you’re also taking advantage of their experience and knowledge in ways that other employees cannot offer.

Benefits of Hiring Ex-Offenders

Ex-offenders can often bring with them useful skills and qualities which they developed during their time in prison, such as good communication skills, teamwork abilities or patience. These are all highly desirable traits for employers to look for when hiring new staff!

Ex-prisoners may be more dedicated employees than those who have never had a run-in with the law because ex-offenders know how it feels to have a job and lose it. They will want to keep their jobs more than those who merely desired them for personal fulfilment or as an ego boost, but ex-prisoners may be even more desperate!

Ex-convicts are often well aware of their “stigma” against them and will work twice as hard to prove that they are worthy of the job. They know what it feels like to be on the other side, so ex-prisoners often possess empathy for those who may not have had an easy time finding employment in their lives.

Ex-offenders will often want to keep their jobs and pay off any debts they owe. They may even be willing to work for lower than the average salary as a sign of good faith that they are hardworking and worthy! This can save employers money in the long run, especially if ex-prisoners don’t quit these jobs due to boredom or lack of fulfilment.

Ex-prisoners may be able to help their fellow ex-offenders find jobs, as they have a better understanding of what concerns employers will have about hiring them and can work around those issues with their connections. Ex-convicts often develop strong social networks during the time they spend behind bars, so ex-prisoners may be able to put job hunters in touch with employers through their contacts.

Actively hiring former prisoners is proven to reduce the chance of re-offending, which will save ex-offenders from having to go back inside and protect the public. Ex-convicts who do not have jobs are at a higher risk for committing crimes, due to their desperation or boredom.

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Last Updated: Monday August 21 2023
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