10 Jobs for Parents Returning to Work

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated November 22, 2021

Are you returning to work after taking time out for your family? You may be wondering what job will fit best with your new life. We have compiled a list of 10 jobs that would be perfect for parents returning to work. You can find these jobs and our reasons why you should consider them below! 

1. Customer Service Representative  

If you’re worried about having to juggle family time with your new career, it may feel like there is little room in your schedule and flexibility of hours is key! Working as a customer service representative gives you plenty of opportunities to create your own routine according to when and where you are available to work. 

2. Delivery Driver 

Parents can sign up to carry out deliveries around their schedules; weekends and evenings are often peak times for delivery divers, which may ease the pressure of finding childcare. With online retailers becoming more popular, the demand for drivers will only increase. 

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3. School Bus Driver  

Being a school bus driver provides you with the same schedule as your school-aged children and provides you with time off during the day to allow you to run errands or take care of any non-school-aged children. Alternatively, it gives you time to work another part-time job between journeys if you want some extra income. 

4. Teaching Assistant 

Becoming a teaching assistant could be an excellent move for you if you’re a parent returning to work. Not only do you spend your days helping mould the brains of the future, but you will also have plenty of time left over to spend with your new family, as assistants often don’t have to put as many hours in outside of lesson times. As it’s generally not necessary to have any prior experience, it can be a great fit for returning parents.

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5. Web developer  

Web developers are becoming more in demand as more organisations move online, so job security is high with this career. Web developers can often work freelance, meaning they can work on whatever projects they like, whenever they like. Web developers also have a high earning potential, which is a bonus for providing for your family. 

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6. Childminder 

Childminding could be a good option for you if you are concerned about finding childcare for your little one on your return to work. In this job, you are the childcare; you’ll be able to look after your own child as well as get paid to look after other people’s children. 

7. Virtual Assistant  

A virtual assistant has the freedom of working from home 100% of the time, meaning you can spend quality time with your child. You will also have the choice of working on a full-time or part-time basis to make sure that your new career fits your lifestyle as well as possible. 

8. Private Tutor  

Becoming a tutor could give you great job satisfaction as you’d be helping your students move towards their goals every day. But as well as this you’d have high earning potential, as you’re able to set your own rates and you can often choose exactly who you work with. 

9. Blogger 

More and more people are taking up blogging as their full-time job. There are ways to earn from running your blog, which means you’re making money from writing about your life or your interests. There’s absolutely no limit on what you can write about either- as long as you have knowledge on the subject and a target audience who will be interested in your topic, be creative! 

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10. Health and Fitness Coach 

Many people find themselves focusing on their health and fitness after having an extended period at home with their child. Becoming a health and fitness coach would allow you to improve your own fitness while helping others do the same. 

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