Useful contacts and advice for finding help in changing career in your area.

Targeting the Right Opportunities

By the time you have decided to take the leap and change your career, you will most likely have an idea of what career you want to move into. This will make it easier to conduct online searches dedicated to your local area. Certainly big cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow are well served by similar organisations set up to help people looking to retrain and start a new career.


Most of the major online job agencies – such as Indeed, JobSite, Reed, Hays, Total Jobs, SimplyHIred and Switch – will be able to filter searches dedicated to your area, and you will be able set up a profile which gives you access to retraining opportunities. You may also be able to speak directly with recruitment staff, who can take note of your individual circumstances and match you with suitable career change opportunities as and when they arise.

Further Education

You should make contact with local colleges and universities to see what apprenticeship and adult learning opportunities they have. You may be able to apply for funding for these also. Many apprenticeship schemes have no age restrictions, so they are open to applicants of any age, not just those starting out on the career ladder. Apprenticeship schemes are available across many different industry sectors and it is worth undertaking some local research as this may help you decide which career is the right one for you.

Local Government

Search your local council website for apprenticeship opportunities and advice. This example in Leeds demonstrates the resources made available for support, information and vacancies, which can be invaluable for getting to know what is available to help you in your local area.

Funded Organisations

It is worth searching your local area for funded bodies set up to help people looking to change their career. Again this is an example in Leeds, but here a Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has been set up specifically for people thinking of a career change. This offers support and advice for people in your situation, with online webinars available to provide information and guidance on what skills you may need and how you can develop them. Have a search in your local area and see what is available for you.