How Volunteering Can Improve Your CV

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated January 25, 2022

Are you looking for ways to improve your CV? If so, volunteering may be the answer. Volunteering can be a great way to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd when trying to refresh your career. Many job seekers don’t think to include volunteer work on their resume, but it can be very beneficial. Volunteering allows you to gain skills that are important for many jobs. This article will discuss some of the reasons volunteering can look great on your CV and why you should consider giving it a try.  

Work Experience  

Work experience is important for any job seeker, and volunteering can give you the experience you need. When you volunteer, you are given real-world tasks to complete. This type of experience is very valuable to employers. It allows them to see what you are capable of and how you handle difficult situations.  

Leadership Experience  

Volunteering can also give you leadership experience. Many volunteer positions require people to lead a team or project. This is a great way to develop your leadership skills. Employers love candidates who have strong leadership skills, as they are more likely to be successful in the position they are hired for.  

Communication Skills  

Volunteering can also help you develop your communication skills. Whether you’re working with a team or by yourself, you need to be able to communicate effectively with people around you to get the job done. Strong communication skills are important in any field. They allow you to share ideas and collaborate with others easily.  


Volunteering also allows you to develop your teamwork skills. When volunteering, you are typically placed in a team with other volunteers. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to work with others and achieve a common goal. Teamwork skills are important for any job seeker. They allow you to collaborate effectively with co-workers and complete tasks efficiently. 


Volunteering looks great on your CV because it shows employers that you are willing to give up your time to make yourself more employable. This is something that many job seekers are looking for. Employers love candidates who are willing to go the extra mile. Volunteering also shows employers that you are an individual who takes opportunities when presented with them and know how to spend your time wisely.  


When you volunteer, you are given the opportunity to learn new skills. These skills can be transferable skills like perseverance, timekeeping or even IT literacy, or they could be technical skills relating to the industry you want to go into. For example, someone wishing to go into the media sector may look for volunteering work to pick up skills such as camerawork, editing and social media management. All skills, whether transferable or technical, can be very beneficial when looking for a job. Learning new skills will give you the best chance of successfully refreshing your career.  

There are many reasons volunteering can improve your CV. It allows you to develop essential skills that employers look for in employees. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, volunteering is definitely the way to go. 

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Last Updated: Wednesday June 8 2022
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