Job Hunting During COVID-19

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated October 9, 2020

Whether your moving on from a previous role, returning to work after time away, or looking to refresh your current career, searching for a new job can be extremely challenging for many. In addition to this, the coronavirus pandemic has made the employment market more competitive than ever.

Despite the outlook and some companies putting the brakes on recruitment, some employers are still providing opportunities to get back into work. With this in mind, we have compiled some helpful tips on how to switch up your approach and to stand out from the crowd.

Add New Skills to Your CV

Use your free time to add to your resume and enhance your skillset. Utilise one of the thousands of free online courses to gain new qualifications and set yourself apart from the competition, as you show employers you have remained productive during the pandemic. Always tailor your CV when applying for a vacancy and emphasise specific skills relevant to the job role.

Consider a Different Approach

Learn to adapt and think outside the box. The pandemic has caused some industries to shrink whilst inflating others, and you may consider roles in IT and digital technology, cleaning services or as a delivery driver. You may also consider temp work or volunteering opportunities, as performing well and impressing will improve your chances of being offered a full-time role.

Be Patient

Consider your situation and how important finding a new job is to your quality of life. Job hunting in the current climate may be more prolonged than what you may have previously experienced, but do not give up. Sending a follow-up email regarding a previous application will not hurt your chances and may even lead to an ad-hoc interview.

Practice Remote Interviews

Employers have had to rethink their setup and move their workforce online. Therefore, you need to be prepared to be offered a telephone or video call interview. It may feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, so familiarise yourself with programmes such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. By practising using them, it can reduce your stress levels when it comes to the real thing.

For more interview tips, check out our dedicated guide.

Get Help

A lot of recruitment agencies are working hard to support candidates trying to find work. Many will offer free advice and guidance to aid your search. They may also be able to help with rebuilding your CV and refreshing your interview skills.

Engage with friends, family and old colleagues and ask them to keep an eye out for new opportunities. Companies are more likely to hire candidates as a result of networking, as they know your talents and qualities.

Be sure to check out our other pages on refreshing your career, retraining, and finding help in your area.

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