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Have you been thinking about a career change? Does the fast-paced world of law seem appealing? If so, becoming a legal secretary may be the perfect way to launch a satisfying legal career. Read on to find out more.

On this page, we’ll cover the ins and outs of a career as a legal secretary, why legal secretary jobs are a good choice for career changers, and how to prepare for the transition. Of course, we’ll also tell you how to find legal secretary jobs.


What Does a Legal Secretary Do?

A legal secretary is an indispensable part of any law office. Typical responsibilities of legal secretaries include:

  • Managing attorneys’ schedules and calendars
  • Organising case files and legal documents
  • Preparing correspondence, contracts, and court papers
  • Conducting legal research
  • Fielding calls and dealing with clients
  • Assisting with billing and bookkeeping

Legal secretaries act as the office hub, allowing attorneys to effectively manage their heavy workloads. The amount of activities you’ll perform will depend on your level of experience and specialism, as well as the type of employer you work for.


Benefits of Legal Secretary Jobs

Becoming a legal secretary offers many perks. These include:

Transferable skills

If you’re changing careers, you likely possess skills that can seamlessly transition into the legal secretary role. Strong organisational skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication abilities are highly valued in this profession.

Job security

The legal sector is a resilient industry, constantly in need of talented professionals. Legal Secretary roles offer job security and the opportunity to work in diverse legal environments, from law firms to corporate legal departments.

Advancement potential

Starting as a Legal Secretary can be a stepping stone to other exciting legal careers, including paralegal or legal assistant roles. Many Legal Secretaries go on to further their education and become qualified lawyers.


How to Transition into the Role

Follow these tips to change careers and land your first legal secretary job:

  • Research and Networking: Begin by researching the legal sector, including the types of law firms and legal departments you’d like to work in. Attend industry events and networking sessions to connect with professionals in the field.
  • Education and Training: While not always required, completing a legal secretary training programme or obtaining relevant certifications can boost your chances of securing a job in the legal sector. Read more about Retraining.
  • Tailored CV: Update your CV to highlight transferable skills, such as organisational abilities, research experience, and attention to detail. Emphasise how these skills can benefit a legal practice.
  • Interview Preparation: Practice interview questions that assess your suitability for a Legal Secretary role. Showcase your adaptability, commitment to learning, and enthusiasm for a career change.


Finding Legal Secretary Jobs for Career Changers

Ready for a new and exciting career possibility? With the right training and job search strategy, you can make the switch to legal secretary jobs and launch a rewarding legal career.

Visit Refreshing a Career’s legal secretary jobs board for all the latest opportunities in your area.

Our career change resource hub is packed with help and advice for career changers from CV and Cover Letter writing tips to the benefits of changing careers.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter below for all the latest news and opportunities from Refreshing a Career.

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