Jobs For Musicians

As a musician, it can be difficult to find steady work. With most gigs or concerts taking place in the evening a few times a week, many need to supplement their music career with another day job. However, it can be hard to juggle working around existing commitments.

In this instance, it’s a lot easier when that second job is also related to the music industry. Depending on the job, it can help you to meet new contacts, improve your skills as a musician and help you become a more well-rounded musician. All-in-all, you’ll have a better knowledge of the industry that you plan to make a career in.

Jobs for Musicians UK

We’ve put together a list of the top three day jobs for musicians UK that will help to get your bank account in better shape:

1. Music Teacher

As a music teacher, you will be able to develop your own skills while also developing those of your students. It forces you to go back to basics as you teach all aspects of your chosen instrument. It’s rare that you would take the time to do this type of practice if you weren’t teaching it. Therefore, by helping to make other people better, you yourself become better at what you do.

With an average hourly wage of around £34, it’s also one of the best-paid jobs out there. On top of that, if you are a freelance teacher you get to choose your own hours. Your classes can be either online or in-person giving you a huge amount of flexibility.

2. Concert Promoter

A concert promoter is a person who promotes a band’s concerts or gigs. They ensure that as many people as possible know that the event is happening and work hard to get as many people to attend. If you already have a love of music and have excellent communication skills, this is perfect job for musicians. You’ll work closely with agents, artists and venues to book shows, publicise events, and set up ad campaigns.

If teaching maybe sounded a little too tame, being a concert promoter is definitely more of a hands-on job for musicians.

3. A&R (Arts and Repertoire) Manager

If you’ve been on the music scene for a while, chances are you’ve made your fair share of contacts and know the ins and outs of the industry quite well. If you’ve got a solid understanding of business to go with that, perhaps an A&R Manager is something you’d be interested in. As a kind of talent agent, your job would be to find new talent and sign them up to record labels. You will oversee recordings and help the artists grow and develop, earning your agreed-upon percentage of their profits.

Finding Jobs for Musicians

Our specialist jobs board has lots of live jobs for musicians UK so keep checking back for updates and more great career opportunities in your area.

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