Recruitment Jobs in London

Fancy a career change to recruitment? There are plenty of recruitment jobs London for those who are looking for a fresh start in an exciting industry. Read on to find out more.

On this page, we’ll cover what it’s like to live and work in London, the ins and outs of a career in recruitment, skills and qualifications, and how to find recruitment jobs in London.


Living and Working in London

If you aren’t already in England’s capital, it’s worth getting an idea of the city before venturing there for a career change.

London is the largest city in England and the UK, with over 9.5 million people. As well as being home to some of the most famous landmarks in Europe, it is also one of the world’s top financial centres. In addition to this, London is known for its incredible arts and culture scene, having more than its fair share of museums, art galleries and theatres.

London has many other thriving industries, including fashion, media, and technology. There’s a constant need for skilled workers in the city so it’s an ideal place for a career changer looking for a fresh start.

The only real downside to living and working in London is the cost of living. Among the most expensive in Europe and the world, this can be a challenge if you’re starting from scratch in the recruitment sector.


What are Recruitment Jobs London?

Recruitment jobs, also known as talent acquisition or HR recruitment roles, involve the process of identifying, attracting, and hiring qualified individuals to fill job vacancies within an organisation. If you’re considering a career change to the recruitment sector, you’ll play a major role in matching talented candidates with the right job opportunities.


Recruitment Job Responsibilities

The role of a recruitment consultant is demanding and diverse. As the main link between clients and candidates, your responsibilities will include:

  • crafting job descriptions
  • sourcing candidates through various channels
  • headhunting suitable candidates who may already have jobs
  • conducting interviews
  • evaluating candidates’ skills and qualifications
  • negotiating salary and pay rates between clients and candidates
  • ensuring a smooth onboarding process

The recruitment field offers a dynamic and rewarding environment. It allows you to interact with diverse professionals while contributing to the growth and success of both individuals and businesses.


Skills and Qualifications

Recruitment jobs are open to graduates regardless of their degree subject. What matters most to employers are the skills you possess that will make you a great recruitment consultant. They value strong communication, interpersonal, and organisational skills, as well as the determination to succeed.

Other skills that employers look for include:

  • sales and negotiation skills
  • the ability to multitask
  • problem-solving
  • tenacity
  • confidence and self-motivation
  • time management skills
  • teamworking skills
  • creativity

Overall, you need to be a self-starter who’s willing to take responsibility for your own work and can deal with the high-pressure environment of recruitment jobs in London.


Salary Expectations

Considering a career change to London’s recruitment sector involves understanding potential salary ranges.

Entry-level roles like Recruitment Coordinator may start around £20,000-£30,000 annually.

Progressing to roles such as Recruitment Consultant could offer £30,000-£50,000 or more, often with performance-based incentives and commissions.

The dynamic London job market and demand for recruitment expertise can lead to competitive compensation packages, making it a financially promising choice for your career transition.


Finding Recruitment Jobs in London for Career Changers

Now that you have all the information, the next step is simple! Visit Refreshing a Career’s recruitment jobs board for all the latest opportunities in your area.

You’ll also find plenty of help and advice for career changers from CV and Cover Letter writing tips to the benefits of changing careers.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter below for all the latest news and opportunities from Refreshing a Career.

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