Top 10 Jobs for Ex-Offenders in the UK

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated January 10, 2022

Ex-offenders face many challenges when re-entering the workforce. Unfortunately, simply having access to employment isn’t always enough; ex-offenders need work that will provide them with a chance at success and help them rebuild their lives. Luckily, there are jobs out there that meet these criteria! This article will discuss the top ten jobs for ex-offenders in the UK and why they make such great options.

10 Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders

1. Electrician

Electricians need to be skilled and reliable. For ex-offenders with past experience as an electrician or even just a keen interest, this could be an ideal career for you. There are plenty of opportunities for both training and career progression. Electricians also typically work with small teams or alone, making the role great for self-starters.

For more information, visit our page on Jobs for Electricians.

2. Office Assistant

Many ex-offenders struggle with jobs that require a lot of interaction with others after being incarcerated. Office work often takes place in small teams or alone, allowing you the space to work independently for most of the day. Additionally, ex-offenders who have acquired office skills while incarcerated can use those as an entry point into these jobs and quickly become valuable employees.

3. Carpenter

Carpenters enjoy working with their hands and being able to see immediate results from jobs they have completed. Ex-offenders may take great satisfaction in building something useful from scratch, and carpentry is a perfect job for that. Carpenters typically work alone or in small teams, making this another great option for ex-offenders. Take a look at some of our carpentry jobs!

4. Horticulturist

Horticulturists enjoy working outdoors and have physically and mentally demanding jobs. This makes it the perfect job for ex-offenders who are looking for a challenge. While hours can be long, working as a horticulturist can be visually rewarding, making this a worthwhile career for ex-offenders.

5. Marketing

Marketing jobs typically require creativity, writing skills, and the ability to think on your feet. Ex-offenders who have acquired these skills while incarcerated make great candidates for marketing jobs. They also offer a high level of flexibility which might be perfect for ex-offenders who are still trying to get their lives back on track.

6. Construction Worker

Construction workers have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the UK. However, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs available. Ex-offenders looking for a job that will keep them active and provide them with opportunities to learn new skills should consider construction work. Take a look at some of our builder jobs.

7. Hospitality

Hospitality jobs are perfect for ex-offenders looking for jobs that offer a lot of flexibility. With hospitality, ex-offenders can work jobs with varying shifts and schedules to accommodate their busy lives. They also typically do not require extensive training or experience, making them a great option for many ex-offenders!

8. Chef

Chefs are very much like construction workers when it comes to jobs that offer high physical activity levels. However, chefs also have the bonus of working in a creative environment and learning new skills. For ex-offenders looking for jobs that offer both physical and mental challenges, becoming a chef may be the perfect option!

9. Engineer

Engineers typically work in a team and have both mentally and physically demanding jobs. This is perfect for ex-offenders looking for a job that will keep them active and provide them with opportunities to learn new skills. Additionally, many engineers have the opportunity to travel, which can be great for those who are looking to see more of the world and experience other cultures.

10. Accounting

Accountants need to work well with numbers, manage their time wisely, and communicate effectively. These are all skills that ex-offenders can learn while incarcerated. Additionally, accounting jobs offer a high level of flexibility, perfect for those who are still trying to get their lives back on track.

With this list, ex-offenders now have a variety of jobs to choose from that offer great opportunities for growth and success. So, if you are an ex-offender looking for a new job, be sure to consider one of the jobs listed above. For further support and information, take a look at career resources for ex-offenders on Refreshing a Career, or browse our specialist available job opportunities!

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