Top 10 Transferable Military Skills

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated January 12, 2021

People who join the military gain priceless training that helps them create a strong set of skills. Once leaving the military it can be hard for veterans to find a relatable job. Here are 10 top military skills that would easily attract employers’ eyes.   

  • Communication Skills

Being In the military requires strong end effective communication skills and the ability to speak to all levels and positions. Great communication skills lead to more productive meetings, help resolve conflicts and communicate effectively to your team so that they may work to the best of their abilities. 

  •  Teamwork 

Being in the military is a very team-oriented environment. Squads and Units of soldiers all working together to achieve the same mission goal. People who have been in the military can make great team leaders and collaborators, having the ability to know when to lead and when to support.  

  • Problem-Solving 

Being in the military and on missions, things can change very rapidly and problems can arise. It is the responsibility of the soldier to find a way to solve this issue. Being able to think quickly on your feet is imperative. Problems in the office can cost businesses money. Employers love an employee who can see a problem before it has come to fruition and find a solution for it.  

  • Leadership

Having leadership qualities is highly sought after in the professional world. This is also a perfect attribute for management or supervisor positions. To lead by example is a highly effective way to engage with others in the workplace and boost productivity.  

  • Organisation 

Organisation is imperative especially prior to dangerous missions. The ability to have equipment, team and instructions organised shows that you will have the ability to prioritise tasks and organise your day. Employers look to candidates who are self-starters and know how to be time efficient.  

  •  Technical Skills 

Depending on what role you had in the military, you may already have strong skills that can be immediately transferred to another position. For example, an engineer in the military will have the skills that an engineer or technician in the professional world would have.  

  • Adaptability 

Resources, equipment, personnel and environments are always changing in the life of a person in the military. This makes them adaptable and flexible to all work situations. This is a vital skill as it shows employers you are able to stay ahead of trend in certain fields. 

  •  Perform Under Pressure 

The military trains you to always remain calm under pressure. Being able to deal with tight deadlines and deliver top standard work is a huge advantage to have the work place. Furthermore, to lead a team in stressful scenarios is just as important and would look good on your CV.  

  •  Dedication

Working in the military can often mean working towards a goal no matter the obstacles that may lie ahead. This level of dedication can help you stay productive during difficult tasks and times of stress. 

  •  Research 

Gathering intel and information is of huge important in the military. Many jobs now require researching information whether on other competing companies or information to help further their business. The ability to be an effective and efficient researcher is key in todays world. 


Finding a new career after leaving the military can be an exciting and rewarding experience. For further information and support, visit our dedicated ex-military career advice pages 

Last Updated: Monday November 15 2021
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